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Television Video Clips
Audio Clips

Video Commericals

LMHS....The Final Frontier..

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Video Clips from TV Shows
Captain Kangeroo
Lucy&Desi TV Show
Billy Mumy about Lost In Space
Danny DeVito about Andy's Gang
McHale's Navy
Mork & Mindy
Night Gallery w/Rod Serling
Billy Mumy on Bewitched
The Sonny & Cher Show
12 O'Clock High
My Three Sons
77 Sunset Strip
ABC Sat.Night Lineup 1974
Andy Griffith
Ben Casey
The Beverly Hillbillies
Last Episode of Bob Newhart
Capt Kangaroo
The Courtship of Eddies Father
Dark Shadows
Dobie Gillis
Family Affair
The Farmers Daughter
Fearless Fly
The Flying Nun
The Fugitive
The Gale Storm Show
The Jackie Gleason Show
A Clip from Green Acres
The Green Hornet
A Clip from Happy Days
Hercules Opening Theme(Animated)
A Clip from Honey West
A Clip from The Incredible Hulk
It Takes A Thief
Chet Huntley says Goodbye
Its About Time
Jack Paar
Laugh In
Laverne & Shirley Outtake
Leave It To Beaver
Lost In Space
Love American Style
The Love Boat Clip
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Marcus Welby, M.D.
M.A.S.H. Bloopers
The Monkees
The Mothers-In-Laws
The ABC Movie of the Week
Mary Tyler Moore Opening Theme
Another MTM Clip
The Munsters
My Mother The Car
Pinky Lee Closing Credits
The Redd Foxx Comedy Hour
Room 222
The Sandy Becker Show
Soupy Sales (X rated Clip)
A Clip from Superman
That Girl
The Time Tunnel
The First Today Show
Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea
1966 ABC Wed. Night Previews
ABC Thursday Night Lineup 1966
ABC Wide World of Sports
Wonder Woman

Video Commercials
1970 Plymouth
Ajax Detergent
Anacin Headache
Beechnut Gum & The 4 Seasons
Benson & Hedges
Capn Crunch Cereal
A Mixture of Commericals
Dinah Shore (1959 Chevy Commerical)
The Frito Bandito
FrootLoops Cereal
Playtex Girdle
Hawaiian Punch
Ho Ho Ho, Green Giant
Imperial Margerine
Lays Potato Chips
Madge & Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid
The Man from Glad
McDonalds 1966
Noxzema Shaving Cream (Take it off)
Quisp & Quake Cereal
Raisin Bran
Uniroyal Tire
An X Rated Commerical
Beechnut Gum
Creepy Crawlers

Audio Clips

Sound File from Hogan's Heroes
Sound File from McHale's Navy
The Underdog Theme
Opening Theme from The Thunderbirds