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TV Land

Remembering the shows we watched

Batman (60's)

The Sandy Becker Show

Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids

The Green Hornet            The Rifleman

McHale's Navy     Laugh-In

The Newlywed Game     Paul Winchell

Petticoat Junction     Merry Mailman

The Time Tunnel

Voyage to The Bottom of The Sea

Twelve O'Clock High     My Favorite Martian

WinkyDink and You     Pinky Lee

Wonder Woman      Queen For A Day


Andy's Gang     77 Sunset Strip

Time For Beany (Prelude to Beanie & Cecil)


Officer Joe Bolton

Bozo               Route66

Capt. Jack McCarthy(Popeye)

Cheyenne   The Second Hundred Years

Get Christie Love      Soul Trian

Dobie Gillis         Dr.Kildare

Family Affair    George of the Jungle

Jackie Gleason   He&She

Honey West  Its About Time

Land of The Giants   My Mother the Car

The Mother In Laws        Mr.Wizard

Romper Room      That Girl

The Untouchables     The Whirybirds

The Wild Wild West     You Bet Your Life



Captain Scarlet

The Frito Bandito

Imperial Margarine

The Man from Glad     Ajax

Alka Seltzer

The BRitish Spy Show with
Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine fro G.H>)