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Then & Now

Here is a glimspe back into the past
and see the changes since we were young.

All photos in this section are copyrighted and
cannot be used without written consent.

We are STILL searching for OLD Town
Photos. If you can help out, Let Lynne or myself
Thanks to Lynne Kampel for helping take pictures
and scanning them.

Different Shots of the School

Lynne Kampel & Myself at the Entrance.
Summer School again?? Awwww Noooo


This Stone Plaque was donated by the Class of `79

Around Town:
   Then               Now

            T.S.S.                                                     K-Mart

               Mays                                           TriCounty
   SouthGreen 1968                             Pool Today

Levittown Book Mobile
(B.Dalton on Wheels)

           Jolly Rogers                     Caruso's

Edwards Supermarket         Cafe Sterling

             Henshaws         Howard Johnson's

         Friendly's                                  O.T.B

Dunken Donuts     Franklin Nat'l Bank:

     Rite-Aid Dru         Old Country Buffet

    Jahn's              E.Meadow Rollar Rink

      Le Cafe                               Staples
  Penn Fruit                J.C. Penney's
        Michael's                  Sear's Hardware
Still Here!!!!

Town&Country Ford              Dominico's

  Dortoni's Bakery             Edlie's Electronics

Embassy Diner               Levittown Library

Meadowbrook Theater  Levittown Post Office

      St. Bernard's                 Pergament's

The 3000 Building                     Zorn's

New Additions

Levittown Bake Shop


South Green Alleys

Center Lane Green

Lynne Kampel's House 1955

Lynne's House Now

Williamsburg Savings Bank

Wisdom Lane School


   The YOM Bus

Wisdom Lane
6th Grade 1966
Future LMHS Class of 72 Grads

Lynne Kampel as a toddler
somewhere in Levittown.

New Additions: 9/2/00

Farmers Market Ad

Nunley's HappyLand

My Father's Place

Westbury DriveIn

New Additions
Thanks to Jeannie Kenworthy

Jones Beach     39 Curve Lane

Big Snowstorm Christmas Day

Thanks, Jeannie!

Added 2/25/01
Thanks Beth
Beth Fortuna--Then and Now

Beth's Family Today