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1970-1975 Reunion
On March 3rd, 2001 The 70-75
LMHS Class Reunion was held at the
Imperial Manor, Bethpage NY.

Here are some Photos of the Gala Event.
Click for the Larger Image.

Darlene & Mike            Darlene at the mic

Jeff Bush&Lori'73           Marian Meier & Hubby '75

Mr. Feder w/the TESTS!        Bill&Lynda Mueller

Robyn & "Da Mayor"          Joe Spitelari

Joe Spitelari              Table 10

              Table 3                 Reunion Headware

       Party on                Tonice Rizzo '73

Table 11                           Barry at Table 7

Darlene Dancing               Mingling with the Crowd

Patti McDonald & Gary Eisele    Michael Carrozzo 74&Adeline Cannone 75

Table 8                             Table 9

Reacquainted                     Jeff&Lori Dancing

More To Come..
Added 3/10/01
Thanks to Gregg Manos


Don Vogt,  Ellen (Durning) Barretto, Patti Gehlich

Louis Class of 75      Priscilla Gray & Class of 75

Howie Taylor, Robin Johnston, Fred Barretto, Betty DeGrave
Class of 75

Robyn Grufferman  '74   and  Gregg Manos '75

Maureen Thune  and  Emily Liss Class of 75

Class of 75

John (Navarro) Gatell,  Gregg Manos,  Bill Willets,  Fred Barretto,  Jim Wallace
 Class of 1975

Kathy Reilly,  Betty DeGrave,  Robin Johnston,  Gregg Manos,  Barbara McCormack

Kathy Reilly,  Betty DeGrave,  Robin Johnston

Gregg Manos and  John Navarro Gatell
Class of 1975

Fred & Ellen Barretto and Gregg Manos
Class of 1975

Betty DeGrave and Gregg Manos
Started Kindergarten together in Abbey Lane

Diane (Gardner)  '75  and hubby Steve Gilman '73

Emily Liss  and  Bill Willets

More 73 Photos from the Reunion

Group photo of Class of 73'

  Jay Levy, Joe Kessell, Dennis Sciancalepore
     Members of class of 73'

Joe Kessell & Linda Mierisch '73

Tonice "the Mayor" Rizzo, Alan Huberman, Debbie Aviles,
Adeline Cannone & Joe Kessell

Sitting-Debbie Aviles, Mary Lou Manz, Back-Adeline
Cannone, Helene Bial, Jeff Bush, Linda Mierisch & Joe Kessell

Left to right:  Dave Thomas, Frank Bivona, Frank's wife Maureen

New Reunion Pics sent in by
Jane McAndrews

Bob Keller & Collin Penofski

   Nancy Frheole     Donna Casey

Denise Famulari & friend

Sandy Serina71 & Bruce Misner71

Theresa Conlon

Barry Lipsky Dave Lehman and friend

Dave Lehman dancing

Sandy Serina and Billy F


Table 16                 Table 16